It all started when...

We created CycleHosts for you. It’s about helping people connect and experience amazing places. As prolific cyclists and travelers ourselves, we know that our favourite moments were the ones we shared with other people. Local Hosts make experiences rich and unique. They know the safest and scenic routes, best food stops and the characters of the area.



As a 13 year old, Ben’s Father died of a massive heart attack. This life changing moment had a profound impact on Ben’s future. What started from his Dad’s passing was an interest in eating well and being active. This led to University studies in behavioural science and subsequently a...


profession in preventative health. Eventual jobs in government where Ben received national awards for his work, was followed by a change to business. ‘I started an online cycling store because I was tired of seeing people get a raw deal. People kept asking me to find them a bike and I was driven to provide an outstanding service.‘ Ben’s background in health, passion for travel and observations of his cycling customers led him to Cycle Hosts. ‘The idea clicked in 2010 when I went for a run around Buenos Aires. The following day I did a ride with a local and the experiences were completely different because of the insight of our host.’ The opportunity to provide amazing experiences for cyclists really inspired me.


Diane is passionate about being healthy and active and making things happen. Her working life has involved significant travel where she always found time to explore new cities and the countryside. Working for global companies during the 1990’s and 2000’s and before the days of Facebook or any significant public...


internet usage, Diane was always looking for ways to connect with local runners and running groups in whatever city she was working in. One of her fondest memories was when she connected with a local Harrier group in Dubai who showed her new routes and sights around the city that she would never have discovered on her own. Connections via this group lead to new running experiences in London, Stockholm, Northern Italy and Singapore that would never be found in any travel guide book. Diane has worked in IT for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience in delivering innovative technology solutions. ‘CycleHosts is a dream situation; combining my sporting passions and technology. Plus, I am one of our biggest customers!’