Ride Ratings

CycleHosts Ride Ratings

We want you to enjoy your event as much as possible and keep coming back for more fun.

So we rate each ride with the following expected fitness and skill levels to help you select the right event for you:

Fitness levels

Level 1

You can handle a 1 hour bike ride on flat terrain at a relaxed pace

Small short hills are challenging, but sometimes manageable

Level 2

You are capable of 2-3 hours pedal time at a relaxed pace and would be like to have a break at halfway

You can handle one or two short, moderate hills in a ride

Level 3

You can ride 4-5 hours comfortably at a moderate pace and can back up for multiple days of riding.

You are capable of grinding out some hills and could manage 1000m vertical in a ride

Level 4

You can ride 6 hours comfortably at a moderate pace and can back up for multiple days of riding. 

You are good in the hills can manage 1500m+ vertical in a ride

Level 5

You can ride all day and do multi-day rides.  You can go hard when needed. 

You can handle steep, sustained climbs and can cover 2000m+ in a day. 

Skill levels


You are hooked on riding but have no or limited experience with group riding

You would like to learn more skills and want to gain confidence to ride on main roads


You have a regular ride routine and are comfortable riding in groups.  You know the protocols for bunch riding and you are confident riding on main roads

You can manage your speed on the decent, but will brake to ease off on the pace at times


As above.  Plus you are comfortable taking your bike onto varied terrain including gravel, grass, dirt, etc


You regularly ride group rides and are very experienced on all road types and terrains

You descend fast and rarely brake